Kate Anderson. Hi!!!!
*said like Moriarty*

I don't really know what to write here so lets go with:

Im crazy....Okay okay I'm insane...ly limited edition

I'm Australian and proud!!
Aussie aussie aussie!!
io io io!!

Hogwarts house: Slytherin / Ravenclaw... No matter how many times i bloody do it i always get one or the other and ive counted them they're equal....
So i like to think like kinda like Deadpool or Morarity ..... A creative killing psychopath

I ship gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight ships (i ship someone with both genders male or female. One minute Bob can be shipped with Fred and the next minute Fred can be shipped with Alice. It works both ways)

I love one shot fanfiction stories probably as much as i love icecream and chocolate

Depending who i'm around i can be very shy or very loud

I've always want to go to:
London, England
Rome, Italy
New york, America
Paris, France
Lego land in Denmark
Disney land in America and Japan

...Im just rambling on now oh well
Ohhh one thing you really need to know about me is .... Im a HUGE SuperWhoLockian!!!!

My fave ships:

Gwaine and percival

captain swan

Deanie (dean + Pie)

9th doctor and rose tyler
10th doctor and rose tyler
10th doctor and donna
10th doctor and 11th doctor (50th Anniversary special. Love those two)
11th doctor and river song
amy and rory (i cried more in their deaths than leaving rose)
11th doctor and a bow tie
11th doctor and a FEZ!!!!! (Ultimate doctor who ship!!!)


Malec (magnus and alec)
clace (clary and jace)
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KateAnderson132 KateAnderson132 Jul 30, 2017 05:07AM
I'm thinking about writing a story on wattpad but I'm not sure what type of story to write. I'm debating either a fanfiction or a normal story (gay, straight or whatever). Thoughts anyone?
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