Hi there! My name is Demetra and I have been writing stories ever since the 6th grade! Six years later as a senior and I'm still going, but my skills are increasing still!

This page is basically a document of my progress, beginning with a tale of ever-too-quickly-advancing romance titled "War and Love", then branching out to my current masterpiece-in-progress, titled "Turning Away Warm Bodies"

A basic brief of the stories on this page:

- I started writing "War and Love" in 6th grade out of my lust to find someone to be with because... 6th Grade Drama XD But to be blunt, it's still on here just to show where I started out in all of this.

-The second story is titled "Forever Lost", a sci-fi romance that I started in the 8th grade that bled on until the beginning of my sophomore year. Reading it from start to finish, you can really grasp just how much my ability has grown. So many mistakes, but I keep it up for the laughs.

- Both "War and Love" and "Forever Lost" are incomplete and discontinued They are only on here to serve as a reminder of where I began and where I am now.

-"Welcome To This That Is Poetry" was used to exert my creativity in 9th Grade but it's not terrible... XP

-The main work on my page is titled "Turning Away Warm Bodies". It's a paranormal horror story for the more intense. It's a bit edgy, but I've been working on it for the past two years and though it's not yet complete, I am consistently working on new chapters to upload and post. While occasionally, I may go back to previous chapters to tweak, until I finish the basic outline of all the chapters, major edits will not take place. Once I finish with the entire thing, I plan on going back and starting the major editing, but until then, it can wait. While there are many factors to expand upon, right now, my focus is on the story.. So please ignore typos.

Anyways, go ahead and click on whichever one intrigues you! I am always open to all types of feedback, so don't hold back!

Happy Readin
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Katclub8 Katclub8 Aug 08, 2015 05:47AM
IT'S DONE!! The latest, longest, most exciting chapter of TAWB is FINALLY DONE and READY TO BE READ!!
            I want some serious reveiws of this chapter since it has not been easy to finish it. X3 I know h...
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