Hello pedestrians of this planet earth!!! My name is Kat! As you probably already knew.

Ok, so I've been reading on Wattpad for about three years and I've been a member since the date above.

I'm very weird. Just thought I should let you know that.

So one day while I was strolling through the sands of Mowaho, I stumbled upon a duck. He told me to beware of the retched rubber seals of Janono. I obeyed and remained cautious as I scaled the high mountains of blue jelly beans. Unicorns frolicked to and fro, the Quadalacs yelling at me to take off my shoes. But there was one problem. I was in a tree, alone, and not wearing any shoes....

So...I write fiction. Um...yeah...

And yes, I do spontaneously break out into ninja moves.

That sums most of me up in about 878 characters.

Thank you for reading and commenting and voting and just being awesome!!!!!

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