I loved Moment of Truth! Each and every book of yours is so unique and has such a different and absorbing storyline. Please write a book about brothers best friend and some other cliche topic like that... most books I've read make these sorta topics so boring and cliche but ur books and writing style are incredible, changing such themes into extremely absorbing storylines! Love you:) Keep rocking and writing!


I never liked reading now I do and your book definitely helped me get to the that likeing point. I got your book The Distance Between Us as a present and I've read it over and over I don't have alot of actual books but of the few I do have I'm so glad yours is one of them. 


I read your book The Distance Between Us a few years ago in an online reading website but soon after my memory failed me and I couldn’t remember the name of it. Just today I was at the library and saw it. I absolutely love that book, thank you for writing it!


Hi Kasie west thank you for your awesome books♥️. You are number 1 on my list of novelist . Keep writing, never stop.


Hi! I really wanted to tell you how much I looooove your books. My fave is PS I Like You. I really want to be an author, and I know it can be hard, so do you have any advice for a young writer?