Everyone calls me a B****, but what can I say I only am when someone deserves it! I guess that's why I'm in Slytherin, because I always love revenge and I'm not afraid to get revenge for someone else. People usually place hobbies here, but the only hobbies I have are eavesdropping (so I can know who needs to watch their back) and gossiping (every girl likes gossiping and if someone says they don't their lying!). All I can say is that I'm like Reverse Santa, but one thing we have in common is that we have a list. (And let me tell I check it more than twice!) So you better watch out and watch your step, you never know who I coming for next! Sincerely, KarmaTheB**** P.S. Next time you call me names remember I have feelings also... Or not, but it's nice to know that I'm not seen as the bad guy all the time! I only do bad things on unsuspecting victims occasionally!
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