Heyy! Karina hereeeee! If you didnt already see that! That IS me in the picture.. Just saying(: Hmmm... Lets see...

~Lables are stupid.
~I am clinically depressed, have insomnia, and suffer from anxiety
~I was almost raped by an ex boyfriend
~I am happy sometimes, but I dont really know if Im faking it
~@ThePerttyGirl is my best friend! ♥
~I love everyone! Yes, even you!
~Singing helps with my anxiety and anger
~I write because it takes me to other worlds
~Im 21 even though I look 15.. LMAO!
~I will never ever judge anyone
~I was born in the wrong generation
~I try to sleep... A LOT!
~I am fucking addicted to NUTELLA!
~I have no religious preferences.
~And I fucking cuss!

~Harry Potter
~Doctor Who
~The Big Bang Theory
~The Hunger Games(Gale can suck my imaginary dick! I hate him!)

@DebbiPopeFarris (My mommy)




@SatelliteHeart1994 (Summer is my Watty girlfriend.. ♥)

~Bisexual(Fuck yeahh)
~A singer(My shower head is very impressed with me)
~A dancer(Again, my shower head is impressed!)
~And I will love you forever!

My fans are:
~Completely Insane
~And totally perfect!!!

~Panic! At the Disco
~All Time Low
~Iron Maiden
~Dio(RIP ~Black Sabbath
~Warrant(RIP Jani! ~And sooooo many more!
~One Direction

Fan mehh??

I love you all! Thanks for reading!!!
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The Color of Misery

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Description: When Zahra loses her father to a drunk driving accident, she falls into a deep depression, not wanting anything to do with anyone. She doesn't want to deal with people, nor does she even want to leave her room. When her mother feels like she's too m...

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