Hi there! My name is Kimberly, but Kim is okay.

I am a teacher and I am also a full-time student, hoping to become to a middle school language arts teacher. I have two children who are five and three years of age, so as you can imagine, I am one busy woman.

I am an avid YA novel reader, particularly YA Fantasy. My favorite authors are Sarah J Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Jennifer Niven, and JK Rowling.

Instagram: kimberly.vale

Please do not ask me for reading requests.

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Current Works:
Shadows of Stars |Wielder Chronicles Book 1| -- Ranked #10 in Fantasy (8/18/2016) WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL

{Leave a review for Shadows of Stars here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31224186-shadows-of-stars?from_search=true}


Infection -- Ranked #72 in Horror (5/24/2016)

Goldilocks -- Ranked #521 in Short Story (6/20/16)


Hogwarts House - Slytherin
Ilvermorny House - Pukwudgie
Lord of the Rings Character - Merry
Game of Thrones House - Stark
Disney Princess - Ariel
Disney Villain - Gaston
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The After Effect

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Description: "Sometimes we dream of what came Before, but when we wake up, we're still stuck in the After." Clara lives in Zone Four - one of the many fenced-in survivor camps throughout North America. Since th...


Other Works by KarateChop.
Shadows of Stars |Wielder Chronicles Book I| #Wattys2016

Shadows of Stars |Wielder Chronicles Book I| #Wattys2016

78.9K 6.3K 4K

**WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL** {Wielder Chronicles Book I} "You Wielders believe yourselves to be chi...

#28 in Fantasy
Fragments of Stars |Wielder Chronicles Book II|

Fragments of Stars |Wielder Chronicles Book II|

1.1K 140 91

SEQUEL TO SHADOWS OF STARS // WIELDER CHRONICLES BOOK II "We were fragments of ourselves - shatter...



572 64 75

The Pirate King has died and with no heir in sight, the Trials will begin. In a bloody frenzy at Crossb...

Goldilocks |A Modern Retelling| #OnceUponNow

Goldilocks |A Modern Retelling| #OnceUponNow

2.7K 378 288

TARGET'S ONCE UPON NOW TOP 25 Growing up with an absent father and a drunken mother wasn't on the list...


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List