Hello there! My name's Natalia, but you can call me Lia, Kaori, or Cuttle! I'm a part-Puerto Rican bisexual that lives in America, and my pronouns are She/Her!

I'm a Splatoon and Danganronpa obsessed loser!

• Hobbies: Drawing, editing, gaming, singing, writing.
• Favorite Animes: K-ON, Love Live, Food Wars, Sailor Moon, Precure, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, My Hero Academia, Little Witch Academia, Your Lie in April, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.
• Favorite Movies: Pixels, Ready Player One, Home Alone, Black Panther.
• Favorite Games: Splatoon, Danganronpa, Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Roblox, A Hat in Time, Project Diva Megamix.
• Favorite Foods: Sushi, Pizza, Shrimp, Donuts, Any spicy chips, Mint chocolate chip icecream, Salted caramel icecream, Peanut butter sandwiches.

Favorite Splatoon Characters
• Pearl
• Marie
• Sheldon
• Agent 8
• Captain Cuttlefish
• Octostomp

Main Splatoon Weapons
• Kensa Splat Dualies
• Octo-shot
• Carbon Roller
• Heavy Splatling Remix

Favorite Danganronpa Characters
• Kokichi Ouma
• Chiaki Nanami
• Ibuki Mioda
• Mikan Tsumiki
• Gonta Gokuhara
• Chihiro Fujisaki
• Kaede Akamatsu
• Celestia Ludenburg

Danganronpa Kins
• Komaru Naegi
• Miu Iruma
• Kirumi Tojo
• Toko Fukawa
• Kokichi Ouma
• Shuichi Saihara

Nintendo Switch FC: SW-4279-1785-5591
Genshin Impact UID: 609228280
Bandori ID: 5983246
Discord: cresentcuttles#0945
Ao3: SourGummyDoctor
Other Acc: @s0urgxmmyd0ct0r
Backup Acc: @Chisatohina
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okI’m gonna try to get chapter 2 out today If I don’t then you have full permission to reach your hand through your screen and slap me
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Story by 🥝Lia🧡
Splatoon: Project Ikimono by Kaorimoca
Splatoon: Project Ikimono
This story was originally posted on @s0urgxmmyd0ct0r. It has been moved over to this account. ⚠️ TRIGGER WARN...
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