After an extremely long hiatus, I have returned. I am currently working on the last 2 chapters and the epilogue of A Minor Technicality, which I hope to have posted by the end of this week!
          	I am SOOOO sorry for the delay, and I thank you all for your patience, as I had to step away from Wattpad and writing to handle family matters.
          	Thank you for all your support!
          	<3 Kaleigh


@Kaleigh_James I totally Loved 'A Minor Technicality' can not wait for the second book  


@Kaleigh_James Madam there is no problem.Your fans will wait for months because after all this hiatus we people get one of the best update from you.Thank you.


Hi i love your wiriting it captivates me, makes me feel like im there in the moment. I cant wait for you to continue with the sequel of minor technicalities . I have read that book soo many times i love it.


Are you going to continue write a sequel for ths book name A minor technicality ? I hope yes because i want to read a book about zame and gio


I love your writing first off. But that said why do you keep writing new stories when you don't finish your old ones.


@MandiRusmisel Please don't take it the wrong way cause I'm sure you were just wondering, but maybe you should try writing to know how it really works and feels cause we see it from a different view. Sometimes you just have to either stop or to continue. Would you rather have something that's could be from great to passable or sucks just for the sake of continuing? Sometimes writing new stuff helps author to take a breather and maybe help the writing process in the long run.  Or better yet, something new to read from your favourite author rather than nothing at all. Writing is not everything. Being free hardly helps to motivate. Kaleigh went through some tough time in her personal life. From experience, even listening or reading something you like is repulsive. So let's give words or encouragement and lotsa love to each other instead. Every little bit helps.


Hi Kaleigh, hope you will be able to continue My Unexpected Mate. It leaves me breathless. Would it be too much to ask to put it up again (I know the comments gonna annoy you to no end) so I can stare at the cover like a stalker? Omg! Maybe I am one!!  Why no news at all? Hope you are doing ok. 


Hiya ive just finished reading a minor technicality and was wondering if you are going to be writing about natalie and zanes story from where you left it at the end of this book please tell me you are i thought that book was amazing btw xx


Hiii sorry to disturb you but I just finished reading your book Only You and I was wondering when Always You would be available? I really loved Shane and Camdyn's story but I can't help but notice and and be excited about the fireworks between Brody and Stella 


Amazon is where I brought my copy years ago. Just checked it is still available.


@AcMenyosa where did you get the book only you