Kakarot89 is a filmmaker and writer from the United States. 

Other than the works listed below, he's also published four short stories in anthology collections:

The Assassin

The Blackout

The Man in Red


He made a short film called Invisible Diary of a Disabled Man

And made a feature film called Through the Devil's Eyes:

He's also made a second feature film called A Final Hit:

He also makes some really mediocre music:

His writings can be found on wattpad.com. If it's any where else, it's stolen and should be reported.

He does not believe in fan for fan and only likes spam if it comes in a can with a key.
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Kakarot89 Kakarot89 May 28, 2015 04:08AM
Hey everyone!
            So I know I'm not around that much anymore (seriously E.V.I.L. hasn't been updated for TWO YEARS!!!!!) Anyway, I did want to give this friend of mine a bump and ask you guys to check o...
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Kakarot89 Talks About Movies

Social data: 227 reads. 16 votes. 8 comments.

Description: Like the title says, I'm Kakarot89 and this time I'm gonna talk about movies.


Other Works by Kakarot89.
Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue

21 1 5

A true horror story about my teenage years in Amarillo, TX.

Kakarot89 Talks About Video Games

Kakarot89 Talks About Video Games

882 33 27

Like the title says, I'm Kakarot89 and I'm going to talk about Video Games.

The Apocalypse Collection

The Apocalypse Collection

805 6 10

A group of teenagers fight off the hordes of zombies attacking them.

Mature Completed
Captain Carrot's Crewmen's Tales

Captain Carrot's Crewmen's Tales

905 8 8

Interviews with Kakarot89's Fans aka Captain Carrot's Loyal Crew.


Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List