Well? We're do I start? I guess *cough* *cough*

My name is _____ __ ______
( it's blank because I don't want to write my real name )

My nickname is Kat or Kit or even KitKat
( my nickname is sometimes Kit sometimes Kat or if
your a long time friend you can call me KitKat! 1. My name starts with a K in real life! 2. I like kitties but
I'm more into wolves know! 3. I just like the taste of chocolate KitKat! )

My Height is 7'2 I'm almost at 7'3

My Age is 17 - 18

Hmm? What else? Oh!

My hobbies are bench watching anime when at
school night! Reading books! Especially anime
ones! Drawing! Oh! And singing while dancing!

My favorite sport is well I don't have a favorite since
I love playing all types of sports! Like badminton, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, tennis, baseball,
chess, surfing/swimming, etc! Does are my personal
fav sports! But I'm open on trying out new sports too!

My talent? I guess Is singing? I mean I'm not that
good at it but I try? I guess? And umm... dancing?
But I mostly dance ballroom dancing and.... umm....
good dances? You know? The ones were you have
to move your hips... yeah... that's the one... *COUGH*
and drawing! Yeah! I'm fairly good at drawing! Especially realistic drawing of my favorite anime!

My dream for the future? Hmm? I guess is to
become a well know person? Through YouTube?
Or even in Wattpad! I just wanna finally becomes known I guess....

Welp! That's all you need to know about me! Bye-Bye!
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