So...  About me? Well, first off, I'm a dreamer. :P Living in an imagination of my own. 

I've always wanted to write a book. It's an obsessive dream I chase at. There's too many ideas in my attic though to follow through with one. And anyone who knows me, knows that I've never finished a story. (Unless its for a school assignment, but that doesn't count) :/ I joined so I could share some of my work, and hope that at the constant urging of the society, I will finish one.... hopefully...

I write a lot of short stories (mostly because those are the only ones I finish >.> )

I love to draw. Art is my passion. The feeling of the brush, pencil, whatever medium, in your hands. To create your own world. If I ever write a book, there will be illustrations ALL over it :)

One thing my friends always say about me is "Forget full". So please, remind me.... ^_^

I'm a Final Fantasy Fanatic. Everyone rags at me that you can't be obsessed with a video game you've never played, but on the other hand, I've got two of my friends obsessed with the game too (and they haven't played the game either) ^_^ Win!

Roleplayer. AVID roleplayer. If only everyone was as RP crazy as I was. (Or if I could find someone as RP crazy as me :P _)

There's soo many stories here... off to read them... O_o all..... or not?\

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I may actually be back? Not sure XD Thinking about rewriting The Blessed Child so it actually has a plan and meaning to it. Also if you haven't, please check out my story 'Hues of Love'! It's meant to be one long story with several parts, so I just broke it up by part. Hope you enjoy it! :D