Roses aren't always red

Violets aren't blue

Why the fuck can't I love real guys

Instead of anime dudes


You say English, I say Japanese
You say cars, I say Nyan cat
You say Justin Bieber, I say Vocaloid
You say reality, I say anime
You say comics, I say manga
You say countries, I say Hetalia
You say hello, I say konichiwa
You say crazy, I say Soul Eater
You say family, I say Fairy Tail
You say rabbit, I say flying mint bunny

I'm an Otaku and I'm proud!


🍌Banana Peel head is the best Vocaloid!🍌


Mom: Clean your room, family's comin' over.

Me: Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize the gathering would be held in my bedroom.


Gender: Male (He, him)

Age: *Classified information protected by law under the United States of Japan*

Sexuality: Chicks are hot, which I like, and dudes are hot, which I also like.

Zodiac: ♊️Gemini (It really applies to me, too)

Birthday: May, 23 (National Kissing day in Nihon/Japan!)

Height in real life: 5'9', or 177cm

Nationality: American

Location: Illinois, U.S

Favorite Anime: Hetalia

OTP: Ameripan (Sorry England, but I don't like your dumb Sweet Home Alabama)

The name(s) I go by: Well, I usually don't really like to specify, especially not on sites like this, but for the dudes that are concerned; I go by Core, William, or Sakura/Sakura-kun

-Anime (duh)
-Be More Chill
-Dear Evan Hansen
-Boyf riends
-Invader Zim
-Horror movies
-Hanging with friends
-Ranting about stupid shit
-Eating food
-Other countries and their cultures
-stupid memes that no one understands

Dude, this list could go on for so much longer, but I'll cut it short. Besides, no one'll read the whole thing, anyway.
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