K.M. Frontain is an Anglophone writer in Quebec province, Canada. She likes to write epic fantasy with romantic elements and particularly enjoys stories of relationships between men, though this is not her only reading interest. Her published stories often have glbtq content, mm, mfm and lots of MSM (men who have sex with men.)

About my editing chapters on Wattpad: I spent a bit of time editing for Freya's Bower and spent a lot of time editing and analyzing my own work. To help other writers, I've thrown together some writing tips based on experience and personal observation. The best way to become a better writer is to learn to edit your own work: to become aware of your writing habits and be able to analyze and fix your prose. Big hint: a real editor does not edit your work for you. A real editor from a real publishing house gives revision recommendations, and a real writer fixes their shoddy prose.

The Soulstone Chronicles blurb: An enigmatic deity reborn as a human being has been enslaved to work the downfall of the religious sects governing a coastal crescent of his world, but nothing can contain this perilous individual forever, not the memory-crippling blackness of death, the ominous earth goddess who seeks to recapture him, or the powerful spell that binds his soul to a stone.

The chronological order of the series is as follows: Bound in Stone, The Gryphon Taint, The Disposition of Ashes, The Redemption of Tehlm Sevet. Future sets are planned: The Sun Bane, The Apostate God, and Hell Walker.


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Bound in Stone: Volume One

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Description: This is the first novel in The Soulstone Chronicles. It is listed as PG13; however, it is meant for a mature readership. Content warning: this story has GLBTQ subject matter (GLBTQ as in gay, lesbian, bisexual...


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Things You Can Do to Improve Your Writing Now

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