Me: The name says it all doesn't it? 

Baba: Hey petty lady, who are you talking to?

Me: I'm talking to my Wattpad readers, well I'm making my bio, but same difference.

Soryu: *Blank expression while he stares at mic.*

Eisuke: The hell is Wattpad?

Ota: Pft. Haven't you heard of Wattpad before? *Begins laughing hysterically then turns to Baba, whispering.* What's Wattpad?

Mamoru: Can't a guy get some sleep here?

Soryu: You should be solving a case not sleeping.

Mamoru: I'm conservin' my energy for when I really need it.

Baba: Now, now, now, no fighting. The pretty lady was about to tell us about Wattpad.

Me: *Laughs at the fact I know something they don't.* It's just an app where you can write stories.

Soryu: Like detective novels?

Me: Yeah, anything really.

Eisuke: What are you doing on it then?

Me: Well I write books... About you guys. People love reading about all of you.

Eisuke: Of course they do, I'm probably the main character.

Me: You were for my first book, Chasing after Unexpected Love-

Baba & Ota: Oooooh.

Me: *Rolls eyes and shakes head.* My second book is about Soryu, it's called Guarded.

Soryu: *Eyes widen then looks away while blushing.*

Me: *Giggles.*

Mamoru: So, you just write things about us and people read it?

Me: Basically. They like your reactions and to see how you'd be if your life was different. Oh that reminds me! *Spins in chair to face mic.* I also have a one shot book, where you guys- the readers- can request stories.

Eisuke: Did someone say shots? Great idea.

Ota: Let's get drunk and read your stories!

Baba: Yeah!

Soryu: *Smirks at the idea.*

Mamoru: I'll pass, I gotta catch up on some sleep.

Me: *Starts panicking.* No! Nope. That's not happening. *Turns to mic.* I need to go guys, I hope you enjoy my books! By-
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