I'm a weeb!

I dont care about what you say I'm cultured.

my favourite anime of all time is naruto!

please check out my reading list I guarantee that you will find some interesting things

I currently have a itanaru in my drafts but I'm gonna finish it first before publishing

Requests are open you can request for a fanfic on any ship I don't mind how weird the pairing is because of constantly staying at home I've been into quite disturbing ships,

I have terrible insomnia so instead of being on my phone the whole night I always think up some crazy scenarios and I finally decided to start write them up,

I'm not a pro writer but I try also because i have nothing else to do either, the biggest problem while writing is that I only think of the main plot and nothing else but that's fine because I can come up with it at the moment,


Even tho my account says I just joined at the start of the year but I've been on wattpad for the past 2 years just on an other account also because.....well because I can

Just reminding ya'll again requests are open,

Also check her out and follow her she's my IRL friend @Tsukirideidei
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•Naruto Memes• by KAWAIIKOOKlE
•Naruto Memes•
Posting Naruto memes that I like And i hope you do too ^ ^
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