Bands, bands, bands. Creativity is the key. The blank page is the entrance gates.

I just really like concerts, bands and skinny jeans, okay? Pete Wentz,Ryan Ross&WilliamBeckett=♥

"I'm probably the happiest I've ever been" - Phil♥
╚══`.¸Panic! At the Disco

Hi! ♥

Whoa, someone's actually reading this stuff? HIIIII THERE! O.o
Fueled By Ramen Junkie

Bands I've seen/seeing live:

All Time Low [ Wednesday 12th 2013, Bristol]
We Are The In Crowd [Friday 26th April 2013, Portsmouth Pyramids] - I got to meet my Tay Tay too!
Pierce The Veil -May 13th 2013
Sleeping With Sirens -30/9/13
Black Veil Brides -15/12/13
--- This year
Mayday Parade -23/1/14
We Are The In Crowd [M&G]-8/2/14
Fall Out Boy -15/3/14
Fearless Vampire Killers -14/4/14
The Summer Set -22/4/14 (WILLIAM FREAKING BECKETT)♥♥
Panic! At the Disco -9/5/14 (BRALLON!)♥♥♥
Gerard Way -20/8/14♥♥♥
Tonight Alive -29/11/14
Frank Iero and the Cellabration - November 2014
Gerard Way - January 2015
All Time Low/You Me At Six - February 2015
Pierce The Veil/Sleeping With Sirens - March 2015
William Beckett - April 2015
Frank Iero and the Cellabration - April 2015
Fearless Vampire Killers - May 2015

-- Belsonic Festival Twenty One Pilots & All Time Low - August 2015
Fall Out Boy - October 2015
Twenty One Pilots - February 2016

Seeing All Time Low on 12th February 2013 was perfect, I will never forget it. Everything was so perfect...I love you guys♥
*Blows you all kisses*I love all my fans + I appreciate all of the love~~


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