Singer and dancer. Im on company so I wont be able to be on a lot. I am hopelsessly in love woth Aerosmith. I love Steven Tyler! Hes like THE reason I watch American Idol. Im a huuuuuuugggggeeeee Disney fan. And since im a Disney fan and Aerosmith fan can anyone guess my fav ride???? Yes its Rockin Roller Coaster!!!! All the way from Steamboat Willie to John Carter. Mostly I love the old cartoon movies. Lion ling, alice and wonderland and ESPICIALLY Peter Pan. Im a fanfic writer ao if you dont like, dont hate. And of course I LOOOOOOVE.JOHNNY CADE! Of all.the characters I love him.most. Im also madly in love with Johnny Depp. I mean hey, of any guy that hot can pretend to love a girl.named Juniper imagone what a real.giy
Had a REALLY weird dream last nite. Joe Perry kept butt calling my bffl and then he gave us backstage passes. And then my dad wouldnt let me go cuz we didnt get him one. Then Steven Tyler came and gave us all fives and snuck me and ny

In the words of Rockin Rollar Coaster......
"Roads Jammed....... So we be Jammin!"
(that had nothing to do with anything)
love love love
•Johnny Depp
•Peter Pan
•Steven Tyler
•Johnny Cade<3
•Captain America
•Anikan Skywalker
•Gene Simmons
•All.of Def Leppard
•Primce Caspian
•Edward Scissorhands
•Sam (Benny and Joon)
•My bf Johnny(weird coincidence right)
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    Neverland with Johnny Cade and Steven Tyler
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    Jun 11, 2012 07:21PM
Junilovesyou Junilovesyou Aug 11, 2012 12:59AM
Hey guys! Do I have ANY outsiders fans out there???? I just made a new story about Johnny Cade called "Black Swan". Check it out perrrrty please???? P.S. My sis is gonna start posting soon.
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Black Swan (Johnny Cade Story)

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Description: Audrey Lee is the Curtis' middle sister. Shes 16 years old and certinley smitten with a certain "little dark puppy that looks like hes been kicked to many times". You guessed it. Johnny Cade.


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