So I suck at introductions.And I am still drawing a blank at this but I swear I will try to keep it brief.

You will mostly come across original fics in my account but once a while I may wander off to fanfictions.

I believe junk food is an epitome of infinite bliss!!

Having come across my friends is the only good thing that has ever happened to me!! :)

Movies are a regular part of my life and books are the reason i live!

I hate hypocrites,I hate clubs and I hate olives

Drarry is the ship for me and i have a quaint innate attraction towards hot gay guys.*teethface*

I want to write a hell lot of other stuff but I am sure 2000 words are never going to be sufficient!
So sit back and enjoy my stories!:)
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Infidel love

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Description: Love,neglected can cause even a tornado.


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Sunlight,preliminaries and kisses.

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The world of two(a Death Note fanfiction)

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Was it just an answer to Light's indefinite question or just a mere "yes"?

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A New Beginning

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A teenager's personal account on recently being a freshman in college.Can Nora survive the changes?


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Story Reading List