I love to read and write but be warned I'm a slow writer and plan to update my stories about once in a blue.
I write historical romance and love it and hope you do too. Occasionally I might throw in the odd modern romance too.

Please comment and tell me what you want to happen its one of the reasons I love this sght it gives me ideas and makes you happy when you ideas appear in the story!

Bye for now Jules

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rn2AeNavhM Please check out my review by WattPad of my story Tell Me What You Know from the last time I had this account before I had to close it for personal reasons.
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JulesCarlyle JulesCarlyle May 29, 2013 08:02PM
@princesscharming14 thanks for following i have updated one story but not one you have read i dont think please give it a try its called 'By the Begonia' and let me know what you think. i have a few...
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By The Begonia- Book 4

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Description: Escape; that is what Ellis lives for. Outside in the darkness, cool air and away from the crowds of people that come, unfortunately, attached to a good party. He nurses his dark thoughts with a bottle of wine...


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Tell Me What You Know- Novella Book 4B

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