you know. . . it has taken me almost a year just to think what the hell will i write in this
i've always thought "what about me?" thats when my mind went blank and i can't think of anything to write
so this is it XD i feel so stupid right now

i'll just start w/ bands:( this is only some of the things. . .i can't remember the rest)
~panic at the disco
~goo goo dolls
~foo fighters
~all american reject
~fall out boy
~click 5
~sugar ray
~blink 182
~bowling for soup
~bombay bicycle club
~maroon 5
~AND! LINKNIN PARK. . .. and it goes on C:

first of all, i'm just a reader here but i'm planning on writting but i can't think of a unique story so i'm still just a reader here
i'm a high school student by the way & Asian! :)
And! my birthday is December 9 XD. . . .
sometimes i like Mondays but most of the times i despise it (-3-)
well. . . i love dogs. . . i don't have pet cats actually :( sorry for those who love cats. i'm just scared that i would kill them because of their sooooo flexible body. for me, they are so fragile :(
i really love music I even go w/ the beat even though i look stupid when i do it. especially when i was scolded by my brother to "shut the hell up!" thats all :D
oh yeah i almost forgot i'm not really good at speaking english. i always get tongue-tied in just one single sentence. its horribleXD well thats all
i feel uncomfortable when there are things not clear like explanations, untidy room( even though i am one of those :P)
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♂+♂= ♥ DOESN'T
♂+♀= ♥ MATTER
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