Film Student focusing on screenwriting. Currently writing a book.
I love writing and photography and telling stories on the go.

Im gonna be director and screenwriter someday :D

I dislike how vampires and werewolves have been tarnished by the media -.-

I love STAR WARS. Everything and anything related to it. Dislike? You're BANTHA FODDER then! :D

I love Dianna Agron, she so awesome. Too bad it can never happen sigh xD

CANADA FTW! tho i miss home Dubai n India :(

Cookies are overrated. Brownies the way to go!


Want good book covers? I got mine from InsipidLives:
and Ferretlp:

---[]--- put this
---[]--- on your
---[]--- page
[][][][][] if you're
---[]--- not embarrassed
---[]--- to tell
---[]--- others that
---[]--- you're a
---[]--- Christian
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Riley In The Galaxy (work in progress) by JoshuaVerryJerry
Riley In The Galaxy (work in progress) Science Fiction
For Jacob Riley a standard delivery isn’t much of a challenge when it comes to smuggling. So when a thief offers him a job to transport her stolen property, it looks like a simple point A to point B deal. As far as...
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