As it turns out, I'm not actually that good at talking about myself online. So I went out and found a website with a list of interesting questions to ask an author, since I technically am one now. 

Without further ado:

Have I ever gotten reader's block?
Yes, definitely. There've been days when I simply had no desire to read whatsoever, so I just sort of watched a bunch of television and surfed the internet.

Do I try to be orginal or give readers what they want?
Um, I think I try to be original. I sometimes go out of my way to make sure my characters have orginal names.

Do I want each book to stand alone, or do I want to connect them in some way?
I've already made plans to connect my books to each other in one way or another. In some books I plan to write in the future, characters from my other works will make brief comeos in books that are not their own.

Does my family support me being a writer?
Yes. In fact, some of my friends and family have bought and downloaded the ebook I self-published.

What's the first book that made me cry?
I think it was one of the Little House on the Prairie books--when the dog died.

Note: you can find these questions here:

Okay, fun questions time:

If I were reincarnated, would I rather be born in the past or future.
The future.

Would I rather experience the beginning of planet earth or the end of it?
The beginning, definitely. Seeing it end sounds too depressing. Now if only the Doctor would show up...

Would I a rather be able to reverse one decision each day, or stop time for ten seconds each day?
I'd like to be able to reverse a decision. Everyone does stupid stuff they wish they could undo.

Note: questions can be found here:

Thanks for reading.
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