Hey there! It looks like to you've stumbled across my profile 
So here's some VERY random facts about me - enjoy!

1) I am a dedicated Vegetarian and have been for two years now.
2) I love Dance, Drama, and Singing - but I am atrocious at singing and average at the other two.
3) Reading is basically my life, I basically live off books.
4) I pretty much eat twice my weight in food everyday.
5) I am the shyest person ever, with extreme social anxiety...until you get to know me, then I just appear as a hardcore fangirl with hyperactive tendencies.
6) My two favorite animals are Hippos and Dinosaurs - I have a dinosaur pencil case...
7) I once met the Queen - only for like 5 seconds, but that still counts right?
8) I am from Leeds in England - NOT a popular place and I don't think it very well-well-known. It is almost always cold, which I feel more easily and hate because it means I get ill often and easily, especially in Autumn and Winter.
9) I'm in my first year of college - thanks for being awkward UK and having us start there 2 years before pretty much the rest of the world - and I am already loving it, even though it's hella stressful...
10) I may be 16, but I will forever be a die-hard Disney fan (I'm actually listening to Disney channel songs as I type this - #blessed, I know) and I'm still obsessed with the shows - no shame here, queens!

Did you know Wattpad limits how many people you follow?? I didn't...if you follow me I'll try my best to follow you back, because I have reached the limit multiple times now...it should probably get extended or something...
If there are any books you want me to read feel free to pm me and I'll add it to my reading list...can't promise I'll read it straight away, sorry about that.
Hope you liked this - if anyone actually read it...
Goodbye for now, my queens!👑❤

Jordan Amara x
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Hey guys!I just wanted to let you all know about this new book I've been reading. It's called Trying to Forgive by @skhoury and I'm really enjoying it at the moment. They've been working really hard...
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