Roses have bleed
Violets are dread
Im dark af but not as dark as my soul

My name is wha- who-YOU ALREADY KNOW

my number is 1-800-let-your -freak-flag-fly-high-till-you-freaking-die

~Rock n' roll all the way to that o3o 'screamo' blues ignorant ppl like to go 'boo hoo you're not cool' and try to figure me out like im a fool when its just you booboo because you dont have a clue (do you need some blues clues added with that shit foo'?) so let me give you some news cause this shit is really cool ♡

~I like lots of shit.
For example being a lazy b-
And vaginers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)and some ween- Ok ok- reading, drawing females and sometimes wierd landscapes, PANCAKES, watching shows esp drama shows (got,dexter)- rock/ classics/metal all da way to that deathcore- like my soul ●_● will you be my , be my, be my own rockin queen 🎶 and piano music (yes we like "calm" music too -79gasp-) and mannnnny more.

~ I dislike anally probed mofo's, people who cant understand a difference between a joke and a opinion and modern rap and hip hop ( oh you know what i mean XD) and chicken and watermelon. Ew. Like seriously. Burn in hell baked chicken! e.e shh shh dont tell my black brothers and sisters.

~Religious believes is
causing separation
between our nations.
We are not united but

How do you put the location so i could put i'm at your moms house? Her cookies are too delicious 😋
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