The shoulder I believe you call it the focus in her bed which I thought was a pretty good explanation coming of the carpentry and then into of what I call a very lazy flute no rake angle very on aggressive and the reason For that is that the on aggressive flu laws is operated 20,000 RPM safely in any canal any substrate and will drag you when vent about that lazy flute is a diamond zone. That we had put on it for heat dissipation is if you left that zone smooth and that smooth carbide is running against Denton or even a crown the the of the integrity of a crown that will generate. A lot of heat on the Corolla portion to by putting a diamond zone on there we are able to eliminate that heat generation is a comes in contact with say the incisal area. Of the oven upper incisor Lauren Sizer cuspid and also creates good straight-line access so you can get that post down in the canal better if that's what you're doing is replacing the post.
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