Primarily an artist, I also write occasionally. I prefer to write in the sci-fi, horror/paranormal and fantasy genres. My reading habits are similar but I also read mystery/crime, animal fiction & the occasional children's book (to find possible books to recommend to Pagan parents). I also used to write really bad poetry. My main ongoing work here is a fairly rare fan fiction based in the world of Torchwood/Dr. Who. There may be other work occasionally as well.

Whatever you do, please don't ask or expect me to read "fan fiction" about real people (bands, actors, etc). I find that notion just incredibly obsessive and creepy. I will not read any of that sort of work at all, EVER.

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Please don't ask to be friends on my private Facebook page if I don't know you. You won't be added. If you're a fan of my work but I don't know you personally, please like the FB page listed above instead. ;-)
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Stories by Jolie B.
The Wayfarer by Jolie_B
The Wayfarer Fanfiction
Torchwood/Captain Jack Harkness fan fiction. Ianto's birthday will never be an easy day for Jack. Even years later, it still makes that gaping hole in him ache. He tries to hide it, but Gwen knows better. Even the...
The Book of Madness: Poetry and Lyrics by Jolie E. Bonnette by Jolie_B
The Book of Madness: Poetry and Lyrics by Jolie E. Bonnette Poetry
A collection of really bad poetry. Don't say I didn't warn you. :-)
Blessed Darkness by Jolie_B
Blessed Darkness Science Fiction
A twisted little tale of abduction sprinkled with musical insanity which I created back in the 1990's at some point, I think. It's very, very old.