I've learned a lot of things so far, but what I don't get is why Mr. Bean is a movie.. It makes no sense, complete stupidity, yet I find it hilarious.. Life is funny like that I guess.. I also don't get how people know Humpty Dumpty is an egg but it doesn't say so in the nursery rhyme. Why aren't there any new Yo mama jokes that are funny? There's a lot of bad ones but none that you can actually say made you die laughing like 5 times.. Ever seen Twilight? No? Damn your lucky.. The first one sucked, the second one sucked, the third one sucked, the books were good, the parody was hilarious and does anyone know that Edward's gay? Bella's short for Bell which is a nickname for Belgium. Yeah, weird name and weird theory but I believe it.. Hmm.. Maybe I should shut up before I go crazy by 'expressing myself'. Yeah, I'll go with that.. Done.
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