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I am a Asexual person, who is a minor, so please kindly refrain from sending me suggestive comments, unless it is made clear that you are joking. I haven't experienced this on this site, but I have on other sites, so if you do not heed this warning, I'm afraid I'll have to break your toes.
As you can't see from my reading list anymore, it was Septiplier fics that got me into this site. I do not ship septiplier, I just really enjoy the fics and the art, same with a lot of other ships. I am here purely for reading. If you follow me, I'll usually follow you back. If you ever need to vent, my pm's are open.
I LOVE Sanders Sides. My favorite ship is probably Analogical, but I'm open to all ships except RemRom(romantic), I mean Yall can have your opinions, and I respect that, but I just don't personally ship it.

Sanders Sides rankings (top is favorite, bottom is least favorite)
Remus🔪 Logan🧠
Virgil🌩 Dee🐍


🔥(top layer of hell)🔥

Roman👑 (not his fault, just reminiscent of toxic people)
LBTQIA+ friendly!! 🌈🏳‍⚧🌈
If you don't support the community, please either leave, or at least don't make any hate comments. They will not be tolerated.

Any pronouns, preferably masc. ve/vir is cool. (still experimenting) Genderloose(?)

You can call me Joey, or JJ. Any form of Potato (small fry, tater tot, ect.) works too. Some people call me Kangaroo.
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Jojopotatowedge Jojopotatowedge Sep 22, 2022 05:05AM
Dudes. Please don't assume I only ship Harringrove because of my list. Steddie is fucking life, I just haven't added any books to a list yet.
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