A little about myself... I write mostly science fiction and fantasy, usually somewhere between the two. No idea what my genre would be. Wizards in space! Or something like that.  I'm a husband and a father. I try to be a teacher whenever I can be. Otherwise, I mountain bike play as much Frisbee as short Saskatchewan summer allows and game in the spare minutes I have between everything else.

Read as much as you can, write as often as you're able. Remember, writers make good books, but communities make GREAT books.

Any questions? Send me a PM, I'd probably like to know you better!

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When asked how to get published, Neil Gaiman said "Write. Finish things. Keep writing."


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Description: There is more than one world and all are linked; some closely and some distant. When a Prophesy in another world is forcibly changed, no one considers the far reaching ramifications. Echoes ripple like earthquakes through realities and events come t...

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Piper Sorrows

Piper Sorrows

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A man of Sorrows looking to complete himself and serve a broken Kingdom. ...



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When his family and all recorded history of his family is destroyed, a young Prince must quickly grow in...



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This is just me writing. Likely chapters will change from day to day as I add and edit. It's a live docu...

.:Angel Home:.

.:Angel Home:.

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In a dying Universe being poisoned by the Scourge a band of survivors aboard the living township Tamarac...

hey guys been a while BUT finally got this chapter out. I'm not sure of it, but let me know what you think.
      On another note, the band Twenty-One Pilots has dropped a new LP and if you like their weird mix of Rock, Pop Regae and Rap, then you need to check out 'Blurryface' It's something else.
      See all around and as always, PM me with questions. Always love discussing / debating the craft.
JohnGunningham commented on If Tomorrow Never Comes - Chapter One

There's a couple ways to handle this.
      1) Flashbacks. You can still have flashbacks, but most authors will suggest leaving them until later in the story, until your characters have been fully introduced and developed. This actually gives your characters more mystery and can cause the reader to want to read on to get those little back story drops later on.
      2. show not tell. You really didn't need to explain Brit and your MC's relationship, for instance, it was pretty evident from their awkward conversation. Who cares about the past when the present is more interesting. Readers are pretty smart, they figure things out. If a girl is throwing themselves at a guy, and the guy is rejecting their advances, then the reader makes the connection that they must have a history. At this point, when you're still trying to keep your reader interested, they don't care what that history is. 
      Hopefully that makes sense and is helpful. This is just my opinions too, I'm not pro.
JohnGunningham commented on If Tomorrow Never Comes - Chapter One

      Here's the thoughts I promised a while ago. Your spelling and grammar need some editing, but that's not really why I'm here :) Three things kinda popped out at me, so I'll go over that stuff.
      1. Pacing. Your writing style is a little scattered, so you run from a family road trip, introducing a ton of characters  really fast and skip to an accident, then flash forward to some later point in time where the action gets slow and you have a couple short info dumps. In writing you kinda want to build up to those fast paced moments, or else start a fast pace, then keep it fast. When a story goes up down up down, it gets exhausting for a reader. One thing that can help is this:  http://thewritersjourney.com/hero's_journey.htm 
      2. Setting versus plot. Think about what parts of your story are setting and what are plot. Zombie Apocalypse is setting; it's a premise at best. It can't carry a whole story and shouldn't. You need interesting events to be happening as plot points inside the setting a zombies infect the world. What are the survivor's plans? What interesting things should they do that the reader might think is entertaining? So far a bunch of survivors in a van isn't super interesting. You need to think up a hook outside the zombie setting and present that to the reader near the beginning.
      3. Back story versus Hook. I talked about this a little in the first two points, but it's worth saying again. The hook is what gets the reader to read, it's that thing that makes them say 'huh, I want to read more about that'.  Back story is the opposite. You need to make the reader care about your characters before you drop back story on them. There shouldn't be back story before chapter 3, some writers are argued that you shouldn't have back story at all.
      You obviously have a big story in your head, lots of characters with lots of drama and interactions. I think you need to think about the best way to tell that story and you'll be fine. 
      Hope this helps,

Nice! Thoughts: this chapter definitely adds to the story. I'm guessing stealing a girl and murdering one of his dudes will cause Shaun to retaliate.
      The new girl seems a lot more stable than Ava, which is interesting, considering what she's been through. I'm super interested to see how she fits in with Ava and Lexi, or if she even tries.
      Good stuff this, nice work. I'm slowly getting caught up *sigh* time.
JohnGunningham commented on Jacqueline - 2: Elizabeth

      I found a secret to finding things I may actually want to read on Wattpad. I browse the forums and read people' work who leave good posts. Makes sense right?
      Anywho, I stumbled across a post you made and started reading here. This is a pretty interesting writing style, I endorse it. I have a feeling it's hard to maintain a continuity of events if all your chapters are written as letters, but I'm interested if you can pull it off. 
      Nice job in trying a little used style. I think I'd say this is even harder than the diary style that I've read before. 
      Read you around,
JohnGunningham commented on The Faintest Ink - Chapter Thirteen

I had to laugh at "what kind of a stupid name is John?" cause, you know. I hope he finds a turnip cart, underrated mode o transport they are.
      you do such a good job of showing the reader things. its one Thing to say a town is in a bad way, it's so much better to describe a stuck thin woman who's too scared to look at a stranger. bravo!

Writing is still the same, pretty consistent and well worded. The story seems to be advancing, although this chapter seems a little like  a bridge chapter between two events. Sometimes those are necessary.
      If you need to do a lot of these 'housekeeping' type chapters, consider glossing over some of the details and fast forward the reader to more interesting parts. Things like 'The day went on much like the last, Ava watching TV and me planning and ...' Etc. You can flip through time really fast and then slow it down when things get interesting.
      Read ya later,

Nice! Action, suspense.... You know I half expected Ava to plan some sort of rescue mission for the poor girl. I know it isn't an action book, but you never know. I have a feeling that she'll be crossing paths with Shaun again at some point. 
      nicely written, moves the plot along with your pacing getting a little faster, which is good since filling your pages up with shopping trips isn't as gripping as it could be.
      I was kinda thinking about your story and the whole ' Dystopian ' setting, then I remembered this: http://www.freakangels.com/?p=22 not sure if you're into comics at all, but Warren Ellis is a pretty stellar story teller. He wrote all of Freak Angels and then just posted the whole thing for free online. It's a pretty wild story. Err.. its' kinda graphic at times, so.. fair warning.