My favourite writers are: Will Christopher Baer, Chuck Palahniuk, JD Salinger, Hemingway, Bukowski, Shakespeare.
Books: The Whole Phineas Poe Trilogy, Survivor, Choke, Invisible Monsters, Fiesta, Catcher In The Rye, Women.
Music: Elliott Smith, Radiohead, Oasis, Newton Faulkner, Buckethead, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Guns N Roses, Eminem, 2pac, Modest Mouse, Mozart, Beethoven, Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Limp Bizkit, R.A The Rugged Man, Lowkey, Mumford & Sons, Mindless Self Indulgence, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Cash, Lily Allen, The Eagles, Sorrow, Muse, Metallica, Elton John, and some more.

I get my ideas from situations I've been in, mostly weird ones, which I take advantage of and manipulate. That's mostly where I get them anyway. Music and dreams play a part in that, of course (or nightmares).

"There's no such thing as writers block, only writers fear." I'm paraphrasing, but that's what WCB said.
Lots of love. xxx <3
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JoeyRebyl JoeyRebyl Apr 30, 2011 12:07PM
I've changed my username from DevilMayCare to This. OKAY.
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