Hey guys, good news! Wattpad has decided to feature Star Wanderers: Outworlder (Part I) on the site! I am really psyched up to share this story with a lot of new people, so thanks for all your comments, votes, and support. 
          	In the next couple of weeks, I plan to start posting Star Wanderers: Dreamweaver (Part V), the parallel book that tells the story from Noemi's point of view. That should be a lot of fun! I know a lot of you have been eagerly waiting for it, and I think you're going to enjoy it just as much as the first one.
          	As always, if you want to read any of my books, you can set your own price (including free) on Smashwords. Writing is how I make my living, so I always appreciate getting paid, but if you can't afford it for whatever reason I also appreciate it when you share my books with a friend or post an honest review. We live in a day and age when great reads are just a click away, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.
          	Thanks so much for reading!


I love the Star Wanderers seiries and I'm on the third right now even though I started yesterday. They're impossible to put down.


My favourite book is desert stars.the lifestyle and characters were so unique along with our hero and heroine.especially the hero was so honorable and lovable.
          Although u should never have destroyed the entire there is no scope for story telling on that planet or a sequel
          Plz give us an epic sequal with their desert lifestyle .i really loved the main characters and their chemisrty!!


@1234ra As a matter of fact, Mira and Jalil both make an appearance in Stars of Blood and Glory, which takes place some fifteen years after the events of Desert Stars. Also, Lars is in Bringing Stella Home and Heart of the Nebula.


Hey buddy i really liked ur books.they are epic and different.can plz suggest me some similar more intersted in ur charaters.
          Plz do write more books and sequels are highly appreciated!!


@1234ra Definitely! I'd suggest reading any of the books in my Gaia Nova series, those all take place in the same universe as Desert Stars. Also, Sons of the Starfarers takes place around the same time as the Star Wanderers series.
            Thanks for reading!


I was just wanting to tell you that I really really loved the star wanderers. I think desert stars was completely excellent and I would love to see anything else you would like to share. I especially appreciate your willingness to share here on watt pad btw. I never get to buy books or movies or cds etc. Amazon won't let me write reviews without a customer ID... Whatever you do Don't Stop Writing! You have truly amazing talent sir. Thank You again,. Nikalai


@JoeVasicek I agree with @nikalaichopper and I am excited to hear another one will be coming soon! Cannot wait! <3


@nikalaichopper Thanks man! I haven't been very active on Wattpad recently, but I do plan to post the next Star Wanderers story soon. Thanks for reading!


please JoeVasicek post the fifth book of Star Wonderer soon. This series is great. It's like Little House on the Praire meets Star Trek Enteprise! Those are my favorite works of fiction. Star Wonderer has thus become the BEST ever book I have read. You are wonderful. 


I absolutely love your books! They are great! Thank you for posting here, that was how I found your work!


Hello. I have loved your books. I'm the third one as a matter of fact. How do you come up with names for galaxies and places and how do you make it so that I makes sense. Every time I try to come up with galaxies, I sometimes don't understand what I wrote or did. can you help me?


Sir, all of your work covers remind me of the most recent Star Trek. Personally, I like them but I`m a more "Beam Me Up Scotty" type of person.
          "Live Long and Prosper!"


Great writing!  If a ship was going out in space, I would be on it. Just wish I got go and buy your books.