My name is Joe Raelin and I am the Asa S. Knowles Chair of Practice-Oriented Education at Northeastern University in Boston. As primarily a business school professor, my books are all nonfiction and focus on professional and management development. My current books with Berrett-Koehler and Nicholas Brealey are about creating "leaderful organizations," which: essentially turn the whole idea of leadership upside down, transforming it from its vaulted perch as a romantic ideal into a democratic quality available to anyone working with other people in any community. I have been a consultant and speaker for some 30 years working with a wide variety of organizational clients. Besides my books, I have produced over 150 articles appearing in the leading social science journals. The focus in my writing is for us to build or reform organizations and communities that create liberating environments for their members to grow and reach their potential.
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How do you share leadership:  Consider leaderful practice by JoeRaelin
How do you share leadership: Consider leaderful practice Non-Fiction
In this feature, I highlight three articles that establish the foundation for leaderful practice. In a leaderful world, everyone can be involved in leadership, not just sequentially, but collectively (all-together...
Joe Raelin's Blog by JoeRaelin
Joe Raelin's Blog Non-Fiction
Welcome to my blog.