I'm a science-fiction writer who seems to have a strange fetish for parallel universe storytelling. 

Though you can learn more about me through my social media (Instagram and Twitter particularly), the fact is I'm just a regular Joe (literally) sharing these extraordinary times with you, and trying to make sense of it all while also enjoying the wonderful things in life.

Novelist, ghostwriter, food and travel enthusiast, occasional randonaut, and overall giant nerd, I live a simple Hobbit-like life in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I do what I can to lend my words and ideas to progressive causes, especially those that advocate for the underdogs of society.

I graduated with a Combined Honours Bachelor of Arts in History and English (Minor in Political Science) from McMaster University right here in town, and I've worked every job you can imagine from logistics and transportation to luxury concierge services and not-for-profit.

I also host the Ghostwriter and Pup Podcast, available via Anchor.fm, and run the Stories of Uncle Tony tribute account to my late hero Anthony Bourdain on Instagram.

It's my hope that my storytelling empowers you to explore the nature of reality, make this world a better place, and help you envision a better world.

My latest work, The Variations of Paris, is in production with a target publication date of fall 2020.
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