★Aquarius? Yes Baby! 
★Nigerian? Totally until my blood runs dry.
★Muslim? YES. Eastern Muslim. P.S: only Nigerians will understand... Oh! Well... Foreigners who understand Nigerian ethnicity.
★Hobbies? Sure I got 'em. Reading, writing, dreaming... Is that a hobby?
★Temperament- Sanguine.
★Crazy? Uhmm... A lil' bit but fit for trial.

"ེɓེεེเེɳེɠེ ེɓེเེρེσེℓེαེ૨ེ ེเེรེ ེɱེσེ૨ེεེ ེƭེɦེαེɳེ ེʝེµེรེƭེ ེαེ ེɱེεེɳེƭེαེℓེ ེเེℓེℓེɳེεེรེรེ,ེ ེเེƭེ ེαེℓེรེσེ ེɱེεེαེɳེรེ ེɱེყེ ེρེεེ૨ེรེσེɳེαེℓེเེƭེყེ ེเེรེ ེαེ ེɱེเེאེƭེµེ૨ེεེ ེσེƒེ ེ૮ེσེɳེƭེ૨ེαེ∂ེเེ૮ེƭེเེσེɳེรེ.ེ"ེ ེเེ ེℓེเེҡེεེ ེɓེεེเེɳེɠེ ེσེ૨ེɠེαེɳེเེƶེεེ∂ེ ེαེɳེ∂ེ ེɱེεེƭེɦེσེ∂ེเེ૮ེαེℓེ ེเེɳེ ེℓེเེƒེεེ ེɓེµེƭེ ེɱེσེรེƭེ ེσེƒེ ེƭེɦེεེ ེƭེเེɱེεེ ེเེ'ེɱེ ེɦེαེρེρེเེεེรེƭེ ེωེɦེεེɳེ ེƭེɦེเེɳེɠེรེ ེαེ૨ེεེ ེαེƭེ ེƭེɦེεེ ེรེρེµེ૨ེ ེσེƒེ ེƭེɦེεེ ེɱེσེɱེεེɳེƭེ. I love schedules, but I get bored with redundancy and need constant change in my life. I'm very back and forth in terms of what works best for me and because of it I'm a bit of an unpredictable person. I am usually busy and like to pursue my goals wholeheartedly.
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What do you guys think will happen next? Do you think Jeff will really want to be the custodian of Mitch? Do you think Thelma will be able to face these trials? Do you think there'll be a happy ever...
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