Hello random person! Here's a few things about me. 

Real name: Unknown bc idk

Age: 12 (ik that's young but these days all the dirty-minded kids are like 9) But I'll be 13 in a few months

Hobby/Interests: Drawing, singing, and reading.

Bday: August 5

Family: Dad, mom, and two siblings, sister and brother.

Personality: Nice, weird, crazy, stupid, violent, doesn't-give-a-fuck 24/7, caring, sometimes manner-less, socially awkward, and shy in front of crowds by myself, but if I'm with my friends I can be really loud.

Appearance: Light brown hair and light brown eyes.

Favorite colors: Blue and black

Favorite animes: Fairy tail, Yuri on Ice, Free!, and some other random shit idk I forgot

Favorite songs: Impossible, Runnin, Counting Stars, Centuries, You Know What You Did in the Dark, Angel with a Shotgun, Try, and etc (mostly rock)

Favorite singers/bands: Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, and Linkin Park.

KPOP FOR LIFE BITCHESSSSS. I LOVE BTS (Namjoon♡), EXO (Chanyeol♡), BIG BANG (TOP♡), SHINEE (Jonghyun♡ R.I.P), ASTRO (Rocky♡), VIXX (Ravi♡), SUPER JUNIOR (Heechul♡), TWICE (Momo♡), 2NE1 (Cl♡), 4Minute (Jiyoon♡), BLACKPINK (Jennie♡), STRAY KIDS (Felix♡) AND MUCH MORE

Favorite ships in Kpop: Chanbaek (Chanyeol and Baekhyun from Exo), Namjin (Namjoon and Jin from BTS), Chanlix (Changbin and Felix from Stray Kids), and Jongkey (Jonghyun {sadly he is no longer alive} and Key from Shinee)

Love yourself. You're beautiful, unique, and amazing in your own way. Don't change yourself to fit other peoples perspectives. Just be yourself. ❤
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Don't judge me but I'm a huge fan of fairy tail and my fave character is obviously Lucy
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