@prettyblueyedkiller just checked it out. If you want to get more reads then you ought to tag it so people can find it. Nicely written keep going and enjoy your bacon x


@Jinxjinx. I just finished reading your book The fourth roomate and let me tell u my face looks as if i have been crying all day! I couldnt stop laughing..i did cry at the end because i think Ace and Serena are so cute..u should make a book two out of ace's P.O.V and then another two out of cam and zac


Fourth Roommate is  absolutely amazing, funny, awesome, first-rate, stunning, breathtaking, marvelous, bloody hell, did I say amazing? You did a magnificent and I really  enjoyed it.
           Thanks for your books


Hiiiii I just finished reading your book fourthroommate loved it I actually can't wait for the sequel!!!!!


Hii there!!  You're work is amazing and awesome. I loved reading ‘Fourth Roommate'. It was humorous amusing and quite fascinating. Hoping to see more of your work in future 


I just finished The Fourth Roommate and holy cow. I loved it, even though words like 'always' were capitalised for no reason. Overall out standing book, great job and i would really really love to see a sequel. 
          - Sam ✌


Dude, no offense, but, did something happen to u or did u jst decide to leave wattpad. All u gotta do is say 1 hello nd we're done. Soooooo frickin' sorry 4 being rude!!!!!


GODS!! Pls update How To Save You. Last time u updated ws 4 yrs ago!!!!


Wow, amazing. Can you please write a sequel to the forth roomate?, we all want one, so please. Lol. I love your work.