Jimin is my bias, but they all wreck it all the time. :3

❤❤❤ To all the ARMY out there. You guys and your welcoming and kind souls inspired me to start writing BTS stories and not feel judged.

Followback Account: @JingleJiminSSI

I'll write my heart out, even if only a few people read, because even if just one person likes what I've created, then I'll be happy. Heck, I'm happy just sharing what's on my mind in story form to begin with.

I'm multifandom af, so here's a quick bias list:
BTS Bias: Jimin
BTS Wreckers: Hobi and Yoongi mainly but all of them.
Exo Bias: Sehun
Exo Wreckers: Chanyeol and Baekyhun the most but again, all of them.
MonstaX Bias: Changkyun
MonstaX Wreckers: Wonho and Hyungwon
WayV Bias: Lucas
WayV Wrecker: WinWin
Nct Bias: Mark
Nct Wrecker: Haechan
Got7 Bias: BamBam
Got7 Wreckers: Yugyeom, Mark, and Youngjae
Stray Kids bias: Felix
Stray Kids Wrecker: Chan
Astro Bias: Moonbin
Astro Wrecker: Sanha
7 o'Clock Bias: Hangyeom
7 o'Clock wreckers: Jeonggyu and Taeyoung.
Ateez Bias: Mingi
Ateez wreckers: San, WooYoung, Yeosang, and Seonghwa
A.C.E Biases: Wow and Byeongkwan
A.C.E Wreckers: Chan and Jun


My list of favorite people:
@bblues- (My girl for lifeu!)
@CupofSarcasm (My other girl for lifeu!)
@Camariaaaaaa (Dongsaeng number 2)
@SatinandSilver (My Smut Dealer)
@FuturisticSuga (QUEEN)
@DiDrakeMinzi01 (My sweet bean)
@-ParkJimoan (my cinnamon roll)
@Whipped_For_Yoongi (Dongsaneg #4)
@Davenportlove15 (My other fav)
@the_jeIIy (My cute little Army-L squish)
@mangonation (My lil mango)
@exoworld2003 (My other Army-L cutie)
@BVBBLETAEE (my soft little cinnamon bun)
@_akichoi (My sweet fellow Changkyun stan)
@_sanchoi (My awesome MonstaX queen with the coolest story ideas)
@-vantelatte (My cutest little squish)
@DiCatMin (My other queen)

My OT4: 💜💜💜💜
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