Howdy! I'm a dad, hubby, and dog owner (one full sized, one back-up and a new puppy). Back in the day I did a lot of short stories and tall tales with a sprinkling of horror for the spice of it.

Boring bio part complete? Huzzah!! To the good stuff!

I am currently developing "The Seed" - an alternate Earth multiverse with defined eras of near future (Sci-Fi), apocalypse (Steampunk) and far future (Fantasy). My first writing venture back out of the gate is the biggest project I've ever embarked on.

"Fail big or don't fail at all." - Tinpenny Pate

If you're reading the first drafts of stories, some things that get established in one chapter may get unstablished* further in. The second drafts should ret-con or correct these inconsistencies as appropriate.

I plan to post at least three chapters each week. Holidays and vacations and life may mess with that. November will get more productive and I will be shooting for a chapter a day.

I hope you enjoy the stories and I would love whatever feedback you might throw my way.


* I'm a wordifier - "unstablished" is totally a word now. Go ahead, it's safe to use.
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