Well... Im easy going & i love 2 read as u can see:) 
My motto for life is you only live once so be crazy,bold,but most of all be ur self bcuz in the end thts all tht matters!!!
I love reading and dancing:)
I love the color royal blue many say that's not a color but I beg to differ
I am 15 yrs old and I love watching pretty little liars. Teen wolf. Awkward. Carrie diaries. Arrow. And last but not least vampire diaries. If u have any questions or concerns about anything message me and I will try to help out:)
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    Fullerton, California
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JezeleDiaz JezeleDiaz Sep 09, 2013 03:16AM
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Description: "Hurry up you worthless runt!", My mother,Clarissa yelled. I simply obeyed and got ready for school. Most of my life was spent cooped up in my oh so amazing home note the sarcasm but I was meant to f...


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