◇ Rochester.

◇ Heathcliff.

《Please...not Darcy》


◇ Bronte over Austen, anyday, everyday
◇Bronte Obsessed
◇Straight but probably wonky for a little Bronte
◇Supporter of the kink

◇ Wattpad is home to my babies in [draft] form


Srsly tho - TBMN is my first and worst.
101 Sexathons and Cowboy Rodeo are latest and greatest.

I have a thing for chocolate. Dark. Dark chocolate.
#GriffinClaw represent

■ Twinning with @elphadora
■ Blue hearts with @finnyh
■ Soul Mates with @books_nutellalove
■Pod Sisters with @Socialrecluse

■ I make gender assumptions
■ My stories feature good old [sexual] beings that feel and love and hanky panky with a healthy dose of steam
■ Asexual relates to plants. I do not write about broccoli.
■ Deal with it

This author is...

■ Incapable of a straight face...period

■ A sucker for a good joke

■ Obsessed with 80s music.

■ Couldn't sing a straight note to save a life

■ A bleeding heart for romance in the mundane

As quirky as this sounds...this author is even more so

● A sense of humor is sexier than a pack of abs
● But blessed be the soul that has both!
● Wit never goes out of style - stay smart, stay in ;)

My friends who kindly point out typos etc I ♡ you.

Random grammar nazis I do not know...get out. Sorry, but not sorry - you're not welcome here. Find someone else to bug.

If you're an undiscovered writer and want more exposure, visit my dear friend @ChayAvalerias and ask him about the Next Big Recognition Contest.
Feel free to ogle his poetry too. I do it on the regular.

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■ A Belly Button Piercing

■ Nose Jewellery

■ A Fat Ass Cat

■ Dark Ambitions

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