I have a friend that called me crying because some one called her stupid for believing in Christ. he needs to see the light. Help me spread the light.

Bullying is NOT ok. One on the girls on my soccer team was talking about taking her own lif because people pick on her. You really have no idea how scary that is until you have been there. Every morning I was scared that she wouldn't show up and that she would be gone from the world.

Please stop bullying.

A girl from my school was going to graduate at the age of 16 when she went to visit her step-sister out of town for Christmas. 12-28-10 the students got an email saying this girl was missing. March 28, 2011 the news came on bringing news that they had found her body. Someone had kidnapped her, used her, then killed her and dumped her body in the river close by. April 26, 2012 A Year later. We got to school and news vans are all around our school. They have arrested her step-sister's ex-boyfriend. Our school hopes that he gets what's coming to him.

If you need to talk I am a great listener.

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