Hello, well, my names Jessica. You can call me Jess, Jessie..... whatever suits ya! 
I blurt out random things at random times.
Day dream way too much.
Laugh randomly.
Talk a bit too much for people's liking.
Sing anywhere and any time. My friends always tell me to shut up! Yeah, nice isn't it?
My imagination is a bit wild. Though it may not really seem like it.
I <3 pizza.
I'm 1/4 Italian, and 3/4 Irish.
Pale as a ghost.
Far too lazy.
Eat loads of junk.
Can't dance for my life. Though when no ones around, I do it for fun.
Own too many clothes to count.
Lazy at school.
Don't care what I look like at school.
My hair does what it wants.
I have braces only at the top, back of my mouth. So you can't see them.
Have too much free time.
Love the sun.
Hate sunbathing. My mam always makes me!
Love Art! I always doodle on anything I can find!
Make up my own lyrics. Especially when I'm in the shower!
Own a whole load of make up, though I don't really wear it. Even if I look like a zombie ;)
My room has it's very own library. Yeah I read..... a lot. Though I don't have any more left :(
And finally, I love writing. Yipee!

Oh and hello Dad.... I know your reading this!
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JessieMacari JessieMacari Aug 27, 2013 06:55PM
@JamieMc  Your Welcome!!! :)
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