Hi everyone, my name is Jessica. I'm 27 years old, happily married, and a mother to two beautiful children.

I've been reading since before I started school, and writing since before I finished school. I love anything in the fantasy genre, though I'm incredibly tired of Vampire and Werewolf (or were whatever) books that all share the same basic plot. I love reading about Fae, Witches, and I crave the rare completely original world/species that I come across in a book now and again.

I'm very friendly with writer's block, it visits often, and the cursor on my word processor loves to say nasty, mocking things when I get stuck.

I can be incredibly fun and random. And I wouldn't trade delirious nights chatting with Michelle (ResoundingEcho), Genna (Genna_Brooke) and Alycia (Alycatv7) for anything. That's where the biggest bouts of writing inspiration comes from!

If you have any questions, corrections to grammar and such in my books, or thoughts on the plots or something, feel free to message me, I'm always open to talking and I hate having mistakes in my books, so please, tell me!!!

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Witch Way V2

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Description: Hide Shayla! If you don't, he will find you. A mother's strange last words. A warning. A mystery she never wanted to solve. After a fire that killed her mother and destroyed everything she owned, Shayla Cooper finds herself on a bus to a tiny town...


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Witch Way?

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Hey guys! I'm back! I know, shocker! 
      But I'm back with a fully edited Second Draft of Witch Way! It's been posted as it's own story, rather than replace the version that is currently posted and featured by the goosebumps movie. Eventually I'll delete the old one, but for now, ENJOY! 
      Quite a few changes, a new character, and some serious attitude adjustment for Shayla. She also doesn't fall for Soren quite so early or easily. It is by no means finished though, so anything you guys notice or dislike, please let me know. (In a respectful manner please.)
      I feel like these changes will make it easier to start the sequel, so that makes me feel much better. I'm about to see if I can't get to work on Night Hunters, beacuse I feel like if I can finish it, I can get started on the next Witch Way Novel!
      Jessie <3