~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ALL ABOUT ME----> Hey there! I'm Jessica, well I am a shy girl but once i open up to you i am Bubbly,Caring,Nice,Hyper i guess, Silly, Crazy & i like to have fun and live to the fullest. I love shoes! :D I have a bunch of them in my closet ha ha, i'm like Niall with his snap backs except it's with my shoes... Anyways I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! I love all of them equally! i swear. You can have a favorite but not a least favorite. :) And i like the biebs too! Don't hate on me just cause i like Bieber, im pretty sure i'm not the only directioner who is a fan of Justin i also have 2 brothers&2 dogs that are girls. I'm the youngest of 2 so yeah. .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WHAT I LIKE TO DO FOR FREE TIME! ---------> Well i like to Draw, i love drawing i find it calming and it relaxes me when i'm stressed i guess.I've also been playing soccer since i was like 7,but i think i started when i was 7. I kinda stopped playing when i was in 5 grade. But i still play just not anymore where i used to play& i guess i would call myself good at it but the best position i play is Mid- Field & Goalie. I also like running, I just like to run 4 no reason i am a fast runner lik i once did 500 meter run for field day at my school & i came in like 2 or 3 place the last person came in 17th place. And my favorite thing 2 do in summer is go on VACATION! But i miss my friends over the summer but we would hang over the summer sometimes, like we would go to the fair or over each others houses. BUT WHAT I LIKE TO DO BEST IS JAM TO 1D AND JB MUSIC!!! Lol~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FAVORITE QUOTES;) --->  Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."| I know I will never end up with one of the boys, but there is still that little part of me that thinks "what if I'm that lucky fan?"| LIVE life LAUGH lots LOVE forever| NEVERSAYNEVER | DREAM AS IF U'LL LIVE 4EVER LIVE AS IF U WILL DIE TODAY|
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