In need of editor! Anyone knows someone good? 


@Jenna__Rose i would love to help jenna


@Jenna__Rose  I could do it.


I love all of ur books sooooooo soooooooo much.... u are an inspiration to me and ur books have helped me through hard times... i cannot thank you enough


Omg! Thank you! This means so much to me.. this message made my day, I hope you are doing way better! Wish you all the best!


I will be off the radar till February.. i need to focus for this month and then I am fully back on writing here! 
          Also a bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR, I wish you all the best!


Hey lovelies!
          I am sorry for being off Wattpad for so long, and I know I said I will be back in between that time, but now I mean it! I finally managed to make everything clear in my head and in my life 
          Thanks to everyone reading my books ☺️ and for your patience.
          If u are still reading this.... xD
          I did decide I will do book by book so I can finish some books as soon as possible. So I will now work on Vampire’s mate and All Of My Love, and then I will take next two and so on. 
          So Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts Vampire’s mate (including today)
          and Tuesday and Thursday All Of My Love.
          Jenna Rose