For Starters, My name is Jenna..though i hardly get called my full name, I guess we shall just go with Jen.. I'm 23 {Though I never act my age..}, I love to read {Totally a book worm}, and I'm from good ole Canada! {Woo go us}.

I have never actually wrote a story before, well let me re-word that, I have never wrote a story on here..Yeah that sounds better. I'm going to be giving it a go sometime soon though!, I have a few stories in mind, that I would love to try out.. {Most likely it'll be a fail, but hey s'all good Brah!}.

Some things I love:)
-Good Books, and a warm blanky <33
-Watching anything with Ian Somerhalder in it <333
-Hanging out with my Bestest bestie in dah whole wide world! <33

Some things I hate ):
-Zombies {I hate that I love them so much o.e}
-Eggs {Gross and smelly}
-Alarms! {Too loud x.x}
-High pitched Squeals {Makes you wanna punch the person.. or maybe that's just me}

Anywho!, thats all I can think of because my Brain has gone in to Lazy mode ^.^ Tootles!

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