Notes about my works:
Most of my writings pertain to specific segments of societies. Meaning, one guy reading one of my stories may like it but the next story he reads by me is a complete bore. It's a problem, I'm trying to work it out. So basically all my stories appear to be for niche markets. I will now attempt to define those markets since I'm pretty much clueless about everything. I may be autistic or something. Like the bad kind, not the good Rainman kind.

Anywho, in no particular order....

1. I Love Post - (Kinda my favorite, very niche market of 1) 27 year old lady with spectacles, not glasses, mildly alcoholic and extremely snarky as she puts it.
2. The Mass - For those that have been consumed by Social Networking.
3. The Writer's Block - For those that don't believe in such nonsense.
4. Monday of the Dead, a series - For zombie lovers that are not limited by the misconception that a mythical creature must be limited in movement and appreciate the excitement of the chase and or hunt rather than the sit and or wait.
5. Something with Meaning for the Developmentally Delayed - Mainly for those who can appreciate an extremely vague and long title. And those that have a great deal of difficulty acting their age and appreciate the finer more self-destructive things in life.
6. The Trouble with Servers - Nerds Ho! For those that know this acronym: MMORPG. Yeah, that's right. I used to dabble. Inspired by a friend addicted to gaming I took one for the team and allowed myself to be as well. It was an unusual time in my life and I am glad it has passed (it lasted 3 months, don't judge). People who share this experience could identify. There aren't a whole lot of us out there.
7. Whorror Story - For gore fans that like it when things are taken a little, okay, a lot too far. And of course, Whores.

Well that's all I've gotten posted so far. I've got hundreds more but most of them are in yellow notebooks.

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JeffLWallace JeffLWallace Jul 28, 2012 06:36PM
Okay, so I'm back, maybe.  I finished The Writer's Block some time ago but have found myself closer to beer bottles than computers as of late.  So here I am with a pint AND a computer which results i...
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The Writer's Block

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Description: When boring Joe Smith decides he wants to be a writer his fate is dramatically altered and all sorts of crazy stuff happens. There's an asian old lady in it. She's magic. And... and... it's funny?


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