My views of the universe always seems to be clearer when I step through my own special looking glass - my camera.

I'm a professional photographer and artist located in Mississauga, Ontario and provide photographic services for the Toronto area. I was eight when I got my first camera, and although I have a university fine arts degree, I learned the ins and outs of photography through many years of practical experience. I've had gallery exhibitions across North America and been honored with more than thirty visual arts grants and awards.
But the best photography isn't all about technical expertise. I'm an idea person and my client's vision is important to me. All my work is customized with great care to meet your goals. From the first consultation to the final images it's an enjoyable process for everyone.

Looking for a different kind of photographer? That’s me.
I have an extensive background in fine arts and also enjoy the challenges of graphic design. After teaching visual art and photography courses throughout Ontario and for many years at the renowned Etobicoke School of the Arts, I established Pix Photography in 2011 as a commercial photo studio that combines my interests.

At Pix I use my expertise in photography and also my delight in working with people, my creative fine arts approach and my design skills to meet the needs of business professionals looking for technical excellence and fresh "outside the box" photographic images.
  • Mississauga, Ontario
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