I don't normally... write. However, my not-so-awesome friend (Jks, I love you ;]) @The_Black_Butterfly has gotten me addicted to this site, so I thought what the hell, i'll co-write a story with her.
[Check her out she's got some pretty good shiZ]

Updating stories might... not work so awesomely when school starts since I go to this weird school that keeps you in for 9 hours. Not to mention the daily tests and exams we get Dx

Horror and supernatural stories aren't my thing but I do love high school romance related stories, no matter how cliche they may be. (:
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JayyTee JayyTee May 05, 2012 10:17AM
@The_Black_Butterfly But you know you want some cabbage. ;D *Insert disturbing smiley here*
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